Telok Teluran

  • Telok Teluran

    Telok Teluran

    One of the better dive sites in the eastern coast off Aur Island is Telok Teluran. The site receives the brunt of the weather during the northeast monsoon. With a depth varying from 10 to 20 meters, the dive here can be overwhelming. Drift dive is best done from a boat and when currents are moderate.

    This is the site where Smith Lloyd 19 wreck is located, a supply vessel that was sunk in 1981. Unfortunately, most of it had already been damaged.

    There is very tiny in the way of sandy beaches along the eastern coast of Aur but not including that of Telok Teluran. Most of the interface amid land and ocean down the rest of the shore consist of sheer rock falls tumbling giant sandstone boulders into the ocean.

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