Telok Jawa

  • Telok Jawa

    Telok Jawa

    This site is also known as Telok Terang which means “Bright Bay” (because the bay faces the rising sun). It is a famous and ideal site in Dayang Island where a peaceful dive can be experienced even when the weather condition is rough. During unpleasant climate, the usual dive in most of the sites is very tough. Good thing there is always an exception because here in Telok Jawa, divers are still able to manage their dives easily.

    Here are slopes of bare sandstones, dropping off sheets of rock from the stresses of thermal extension, dip into a serene, sheltered bay loaded with beautiful coral gardens placed on a sandy bottom.

    Telok Jawa ends at its most northerly point in a steep rocky promontory jutting into the sea—introducing the Tanjong Batu Roncheck.

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