Pulau Pinang

  • Pulau Pinang

    Pulau Pinang

    Pulau Pinang is a small island situated in the south east of Dayang. The name Pinang is the Malay name for the betel-nut palm– Areca Catechu. Botanists states that the palm is not found in the wild, meaning it could have been that previous settlers used the island to grow the Pinang to sustain this ancient habit.

    Pinang Channel is the narrow and rocky channel that runs between the little island of Pulau Pinang and the main island, Aur Island. Currents here are extremely strong and wild making the channel be scoured. The dive at the northern tip of Pulau Pinang is exciting. There is a jumble of large granites at varying depths plus the common linked grottoes, overhangs and swim-throughs.

    The western side of Pinang is rocky and is usually used as a refuge for dive boats in dreadful conditions. It is dived when a planned dive to one of the Pinnacles on the south is frustrated due to the weather or water conditions.

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