Dayang Wreck

  • Dayang Wreck

    Dayang Wreck

    In 1998, there were two wrecks that sunk at about 100 meters away from Dayang Island. One is sitting upright the sandy bottom at about 30 meters and the other one is in the deeper part, lying on its starboard side at more or less 40 meters.

    The first wreck had its wheel house structure disappeared due to the many divers who visit those wrecks frequently plus the strong and wild current at the channel. The deeper wreck, on the other hand, is only left with its hull. Nevertheless, visiting the wrecks is still worth it for it hosts beautiful aquatic animals such as the blue spotted rays, pupper fishes, moray eels and many more.

    Divers commonly make a free descend above the first wreck and find the way before getting into the sandy bottom. Some divers also visit the deeper one if bottom time permits prior to swimming to the reef for an extreme dive and go back to Dayang Jetty.

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